The goal of this forum is to create an open and respectful platform for sharing perspectives on disability and genetics.  In doing so, we hope to build connections and ideas that can help inform best practices and policy pertaining to the provision of genetic services as related to disability.  


At the National Society of Genetic Counselors Annual Education Conference in 2013, attendees of the symposium, Reaching for Common Ground: Prenatal Genetic Counseling and Disability Equality expressed interest in a forum for continued discussion and collaboration. 

Other individuals who have been invited to the forum are disability scholars, advocates, writers and historians have expressed an interest in these topics. Have somebody in mind that you would like to invite to the OLF? Please have them submit a request via our contact form and we can enroll them. Also, please let us know if you would like to be removed from the OLF registry at any time. 


The Open Lines Forum consists of this website, an email listserv, and a discussion forum that is linked to the listserv and is part of this website. 

Encouraged uses for the OLF:

  • Share articles or blogs of interest with the group

  • Generate and share ideas for research or scholarly work related to the topic of disability and genetics

  • Network and make connections

An open dialogue is encouraged and we all want this to be a safe place to speak our minds. This can only be possible if the tone of the discussion is professional and respectful. We don’t have to agree, but please be respectful of the diversity of views on these topics..